Hello there.

I'm Gayle, a certified STOTT Pilates instructor and Precision Nutrition coach; and a mama who has her hands full with a cheeky toddler.

The Pilates Life started out with the premise of providing workout classes, but I gradually realised that my female clients needed much more than that.

Women - as mothers, daughters, wives - juggle a lot on their plate on a daily basis, physically and mentally. Some of us are so swamped with the demands of the roles we play, that taking time out for some necessary self-care is hardly a priority.

This is why I began online coaching, so that more women out there can get the help they need, at their fingertips. Be it learning about core nutrition, practising mindfulness, or coping with postpartum recovery as a new mama - I've created concise programmes that can be done anytime, anywhere.

You are how you eat, you are how you move, and you are how you live. Take charge, live consciously and be your best self, right here and now.




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